Semana Santa in Spain is an experience one can only imagine. A week long of holy celebrations that fill the streets in every city in Spain. The processions last about an hour depending on the city and recant almost every story in the bible. Seville is most popular destination during this time as people from all over the world come to witness these beautiful parades.

While the processions are beautiful, the streets are over filled with people and women are crying in the street because they are overwhelmed with emotions. I did not experience that insanity during semana santa. I tried to stay away from places that extravagant and ended up touring the coastal side of Spain for a week. I did miss the processions, strategically, and was still able to enjoy each city.

Instead I ended up going to Barcelona, Malaga, and Tarifa. When looking on a map they seem like random destinations because Barcelona is on the upper east coast while Malaga and Tarifa are in south closer to Morocco. The best advice I could give a tourist is experience Semana Santa but be smart about it. Seville is the most popular destination but streets are PACKED with tourists and everything costs about twice as much. Due to the fact I already lead a very tight budget I knew I had to make a  low budget of spending no more than 600 euros. This in turn goes back to living on 50 euros a day budget I wrote up in my last post. That being said, if I can travel Spain during the peak week of entire year, so can you while still enjoying the best parts of Spain.


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