Milan over Rome.

This past weekend was spent in Italy’s fashion capital, Milan. I have yet to visit Rome but from what I saw and what I have read, Milan is far better than Rome. I’m not dissing on Rome at all, I still want to visit too, but Milan is far less touristy than Rome.

Milan is still a popular destination but it’s not as focused on since it’s in the north. The south you can travel to Rome, Florence, Sicily, etc. Often Milan is overlooked. However it is just as unique as Rome and is filled with museums, art, fashion, design, and the ever so famous Duomo.

Duomo Cathedral in the center of Milan

Outside of Milan Fashion Week people still act as if everyday is a fashion show. The style in Italy is so different and I did not see one single ill-dressed person.

Near the Duomo are plenty of shopping, and while I can’t even afford to breathe in any of the stores, it’s still cool to walk around and act like I can buy a key chain. Not to mention all the museums Milan has. The Last Supper, I’m talking the original painting by Leonardo Da Vinci, is in Milan. Not too far from the Duomo either. Plus it seemed like every museum had a recreation of it too. By far the best one was the National Museum of  Science and Technology. It had all of Italy’s achievements in science and how they have advanced throughout the years. It’s an interactive museum as well, which makes you feel like an instant kid again.

The best thing I have ever eaten.

I cannot get over how great the food was on in Italy either. For one, I never went to a fancy restaurant and the random places I went to were outstanding. The first place I went to I was looking for another restaurant I found online and when I got there the food was far to outside my budget and two doors down was another place. It was pretty full but the menu was just the same as the other one, but better prices. The pasta I ordered was something I never heard of. Ragu pasta with potatoes, cheese, and arugula served on top bread as if it were a pizza. NEVER in my life have I had something that delicious. Honestly words don’t do it justice. The next day I went to a pizza place and a medium sized pizza only cost me 5 euros. I can’t even get that in Spain! Furthermore, the best coffee is in Italy, hands down. No competition.

I could rave on and on about Milan, but instead I’ll show you in a video. The video holds moments from Milan, Verona, and a short but eventful trip to Venice. Everything was shot on my Iphone, so let me know what you think!




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