We Have Wifi!

I arrived in Spain on September 20th to an apartment of two French girls and Spaniard. We have slowly been getting to know each other and exploring the city together. Although they have been in Soria three weeks longer than I have because they started university on the 1st of September.

The one drawback to this picture is that we don’t have wifi. Now I know you’re probably thinking, “that’s not a problem at all.” Well, you’re dead wrong. You see, my stubborn self-had initially decided to decline on getting a sim card when I got to Spain for the lamest reason of not wanting to lose my American cell phone number. I also figured that everywhere has wifi so if I need to get a hold of someone I could via wifi. That theory was proved wrong after 10 days of my arrival. My roommates had been without wifi for three weeks already and kept telling me that the company kept making them go in circles for nothing. So every day, I mean every day, we would go to one of the cafes here in Soria for HOURS and just use wifi. Granted they had to use it to do their homework, I was only there for social media and to tell my family I’m still alive.

Another girl in my program and I met up for some shopping and I told her I didn’t have wifi or a phone plan. She also mentioned that she had been without wifi but she highly recommend that I get a sim card at the very least. She had been in Soria for two months already and was telling me how the teachers from her school are always in contact with her, plus how she had set up private English lessons. Basically disproving my theory of not needing a Spanish number. So a few days later I gave in and bought a sim card.

Now for those who don’t know, a sim card is a smart card inside a mobile phone, carrying an identification number unique to the owner, storing personal data, and preventing operation if removed. Every phone has one when you buy it and through your phone service provider, switching sim cards was very simple. I went through Orange Moda because they’re well known and is only 15 euros a month for 4GB. I kept my old one so when I go back to the states I can still have the same number as before.

Once I got a new sim card I was able to be apart of society again! Meaning I could access all forms of social media plus use Whatsapp to talk to people. The downside was that after the first week of getting it, I used up all my data. I had to go back to going to cafes every day to use the internet– back to square one. The difference that I was still able to text people, I just couldn’t use social media. It was a fun cleanse the first week of not being able to use wifi and my roommates and me.

But we finally got wifi on October 5th. Yes, I remember the date because it was such a joyous occasion and I swear the day we got wifi I didn’t see any of my roommates until 8 pm when we were all making dinner. We joked that now were connected to the world but are going to disconnect from each other. Probably true but as soon as we got wifi we all called our family. This also means that now that I have wifi I can start posting more!! So this is my OFFICIAL promise that I will post at least once a week with new content. I’ll try and make it more exciting as well! Til next time, friends!


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