Why Coffee?

Why not tea, or milk? Well for starters, I love coffee — it’s the first thing I make in the morning to start my day. It’s the small moment in the morning that I am able to enjoy before the start of my day.

Furthermore, coffee is symbolic. Think about it. When you haven’t seen a friend in a long time, you grab coffee; when you have a first date typically, in my experiences, it’s coffee. Coffee is a universal experience that we like to share with friends and family. It’s also international and diverse. Each country, each person shares a different taste or experience when they drink coffee. Different countries use it for different gatherings, but mostly as a way to bring people together.   Black, americano, with cream or however you take your coffee, it’s one of the few things in life that people love.

I love meeting new people and sharing different experiences, which is why I have created this blog. Upon graduating in May of 2017, I knew I wasn’t fully ready to start my career in public relations or marketing. Instead, I found a program that allowed me to live abroad in a country I have only dreamed to visit. For 10 months I’ll be living in Soria, Spain, a tiny town two hours northeast of Madrid, teaching english to primary students.   This blog is a way to document my travels, mishaps, mistakes, and lessons that will inevitably happen as I figure out my way throughout Europe. It also allows me to share my experiences with you— so grab your favorite cup of coffee and enjoy the ride with me.


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