About Me

Hi, I’m Tatiana! I created this blog as an effort to share my adventures while traveling abroad for a year. I graduated in May of 2017 from the University of Idaho and instead of entering the real world of 9-5, I decided to do something adventurous and teach English in Spain for a year! Crazy, I know but when am I ever going to have an opportunity like this again? Probably never. So with that small introduction I hope you’re ready to follow me throughout Europe with all my adventures and mishaps that WILL occur.

I love all things travel and adventure! So far I have been to Mexico, Venezuela, and Ecuador (can you count Canada too?). However those times I was either with my family on vacation or I was traveling to visit them. Either way, I have never gone on a trip by myself. Once you get to know me you’ll understand that the strangest things tend to happen to me. Or even that I tend to do the dumbest things without a second thought– that part I’m working on though. Especially since this my first time in Europe and I don’t know anyone here. Well, if you have any questions just ask! Enjoy your coffee.